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Shaping the Future for Engineering
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Thinking about becoming an engineering apprentice?

The fast moving environment of engineering can be an exciting and hugely rewarding career. Equipped with the latest manufacturing, computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacture and robotic equipment we are here to invest in you and your future in this dynamic industry.

We will bring you together with an employer who is keen to build a good working relationship with you, sustain their business and offer you a very worthwhile career. Over three and a half years you'll receive high quality on the job training with your employer and at our specialist facility, earning and learning to achieve advanced qualifications that will stand you in good stead for life.

Working with employers committed to helping develop your potential within their business and our highly qualified trainers, themselves professional engineers, you can be assured of plenty of support and guidance whenever you need it.

So, if you're looking for a career with plenty of interest, opportunity and earning power we're glad you've found us!

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How do I become an advanced engineering apprentice?

If you're thinking about an apprenticeship, please complete our online application form here

Alternatively, for more information please contact us either via email on info@derwenttraining.co.uk or Tel: (01653) 697698

How do I find an engineering apprentice for my business?

As an 'employer led' training centre of excellence, we are here to work with you - recruiting, identifying, training and retaining skilled young engineers at minimal cost to your business.
For more information contact Howard Cooper on 01653 697698 or howard@derwenttraining.co.uk


Son or daughter looking to do an advanced engineering apprenticeship?

Have a read through the resources on our website by clicking here.


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