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The Management Team and Staff at Derwent Training Association are committed to the quality and stated quality objectives.

  • We will maintain our quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO9001 standard
  • We will continuously improve the effectiveness in our quality management system
  • Evaluate and improve our products and services through staff and customer involvements
  • Develop quality awareness through process involvements and training our staff
  • Improve our quality through our experience.

Quality Standards:


DTA’s dedication to meeting the needs of local engineering employers benefits the learners. DTA has a small number of staff and this resource is carefully managed and efficiently deployed. Staff and Managers’ commitment to the learners and to the quality of the provision is excellent.


DTA has produced and purchased many examples of good practice in relation to the engineering sector. Training and development of opportunities for staff are very good and in line with a very supportive and effective performance review process.

Investors in People

The organisation gives an impression of increased vigour and energy and undoubtedly a renewed focus in delivering the best opportunities for success in the future.