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Looking to take on an Apprentice?

DTA was set up in 1988 by employers to offer specialist engineering training across the North Yorkshire region . 

At DTA, we want to make your recruitment and training experience as easy as possible. To discuss your training requirement, please contact DTA's Business Support Team on 01653 697698.

What Apprenticeships do DTA offer?

DTA offer Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships in the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical Manufacture
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • CAD Design
  • Project Engineering
  • Quality Engineering

As a progression route, or for applicants who have A-Levels in Maths, Science & Engineering, DTA offer Higher Apprenticeships in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • General Engineering

To start a Higher Apprenticeship, the applicant must undertake an interview with the Lead Higher Nationals Trainer to assess their competency in completing the programme. 

Am I a Levy or a Non-Levy Employer?

In 2017,the way that Apprenticeships are funded changed. Employers are now split into a Levy and a Non-Levy funding category.

Levy Employer

If your wage bill is over £3 million, you will pay the Apprenticeship Levy which is 0.5% on anything over that £3 million. This Levy is there for employers to fund apprenticeships. The government will also top up your Levy contribution by 10%. Any funds that are left in your Levy acount after 24 months will be collected by HMRC as tax. 

Your Levy can only be used for new apprenticeships or to up-skill existing staff through an apprenticeship programme.

Non-Levy Employer

As a Non-Levy employer you won't be required to pay the Levy as your wage bill is less than £3 million. If you have less than 50 employees and take on a 16-18 year old the government will fund 100% of the apprenticeship. If you take on a 19+ and have over 50 employees you will pay 5% of the training costs and the government will top up the 95%. 

How do I recruit an apprentice?

1.   Firstly, you will need to register your interest in recruiting a new apprentice. You can do this in two ways:

     - If you have all the details you need from DTA or you are a returning employer, please complete a Employer Registration Form with your vacancy details and email this to This will allow us to start advertising your vacancy on the Find an Apprenticeship Website, Social Media and to the Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges local to you. 

     - If you are taking on an apprentice for the first time, please contact us and a member of DTA's Recruitment Team will meet with you to understand your business as well as discussing funding and what your requirements are. 

2.   Through a process of assessment and interview. DTA will shortlist applicants for your vacancy who match the requirements specified by you. Once we have a number of applicants on the shortlist, a member of the Recruitment Team will meet with you to discuss which applicants you would like to invite for a formal interview. We can arrange these for you as well as attending the interview to answer any training related questions. 

3.  Once you have selected which applicant(s) you want to start the apprenticeship, please notify us and we can arrange for a DTA Trainer to complete a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to decide on their training programme. 

What some of our partners think of DTA:

Working with our apprentices is inspirational as they work to realise their potential and become the future. DTA are nothing short of great, during the 10 years of working with them they help us to achieve our goals and continually raise the standards of training delivery. DTA have one goal and that is the need to satisfy the needs of the apprentice and the employer.

Mark Carter

Dale Power Solutions

Taking on an apprentice has helped us improve the skills base within the company and is the fastest way to get a new employee to make a significant contribution to the business. DTA takes the hassle out of the recruitment process. As DTA are industry led they know the importance of employability and pass their skills and experience onto learners.

Richard Shaw

Ellis Patents

Continued Business Support

DTA complet a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) once we have notification of you recruiting an apprentice. This will determine their units and qualifications during the 4 year apprenticeship. They will be required to attend DTA one day per week and this counts towards their required 20% off the job learning as part of the Apprenticeship Standard. You will then receive regular company visits from your apprentices Assessor to complete a review and discuss your apprentices progress. 

DTA offers apprentices to take part in extra curricular activities which will help them to develop additional employment skills:

  • Rotary Technology Tournament
  • Community Projects
  • Careers Events in local Schools and Colleges
  • Outbound Activities

Other Information

It is your descretion as to what you pay your apprentice for working with your business. DTA has no knowlege as to what each apprentice is paid. For guidelines please check the Government National Minimum Wage: You must pay your apprentice for their day release at DTA as part of their 20% off the job learning which must take place during their contracted hours.