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Looking to take on an apprentice?

At Derwent Training Association (DTA) we pride ourselves on being an employer led specialist Engineering Training Provider and the only one of its kind in our local area of North Yorkshire. The bonus of working with DTA is that we want to make taking on an apprentice as easy as possible. From May 2017 the way in which Apprenticeships are funded is changing.

From May 2017 the way in which Apprenticeships are funded is changing.

  • Levy Payer
  • Annual pay-bill of over £3 million
  • You will be required to pay 0.5% of that £3 million into a levy and the Government will give employers a 10% top-up of their monthly levy contributions
  • You will be able to access these funds via a new digital portal where payments for training and assessments will be made. If you do not use these within 24 months the Government will distribute these elsewhere.
  • If you recruit an apprentice who is aged 16 – 18 or who is 19-24 and has an EHC Plan or has been in care under the local authority you will receive an additional £1,000 to be used towards training.
  • Non-Levy Payer
  • Unable to use the digital portal until 2018
  • Annual pay-bill of under £3 million
  • The government will fund 90% of the agreed price for training and assessment you, the employer will pay 10% *Those employers with a pay-bill of less than £3 million and have less than 50 employees will be exempt from this.
  • If you recruit an apprentice who is aged 16-18 or who is 19-24 and has an EHC plan or has been in care under the local authority you will receive an additional £1,000 to be used towards training.

If you would like any additional information on the changes in Apprenticeship Funding, please contact us.

How do I recruit an apprentice?

  • You will need to contact DTA to show your interest in taking on an apprentice. One of our Recruitment Team will meet with you to discuss your requirements. Through a process of interview and assessment, DTA will select the candidates who match your requirements. We will then put together a shortlist of candidates and meet with you so you can select who you would like to interview. We can even arrange this for you.
  • Once you have selected a successful apprentice if you pay Employer Levy you must register on to register with the Training Provider of your choice. On this portal will be your contract with DTA i.e. any amount you’re due to pay for the training and the programme that is to be included. You will have to input your learners details onto this portal; if you would like DTA to do this for you there is an option to select this and we will be more than happy to help. This portal will link to your digital account which will generate your Employer Levy.

If you are a Non-Levy payer; Step 1 will only apply to you.

What some of our partners think of DTA:

Working with our apprentices is inspirational as they work to realise their potential and become the future. DTA are nothing short of great, during the 10 years of working with them they help us to achieve our goals and continually raise the standards of training delivery. DTA have one goal and that is the need to satisfy the needs of the apprentice and the employer.

Mark Carter

Dale Power Solutions

Taking on an apprentice has helped us improve the skills base within the company and is the fastest way to get a new employee to make a significant contribution to the business. DTA takes the hassle out of the recruitment process. As DTA are industry led they know the importance of employability and pass their skills and experience onto learners.

Richard Shaw

Ellis Patents

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeship Standards will replace the current Apprenticeship Framework across all employment sectors progressively through to 2019. Employers are in control of designing the Standards, so apprentices are equipped to meet the needs of businesses. Apprentices will now be assessed on competency as well as knowledge in an end-point assessment. There will be a chance for you to choose additional qualifications to enhance your apprentice’s skills.

The change in Apprenticeships aims to:
  • Give employers control in designing Apprenticeships
  • Increase flexibility of delivery to meet emerging needs
  • Simplify the funding system under the Levy introduction
  • Target increasing the number of employers engaging in apprenticeship programmes
  • Focus on incentivising key skill areas for the UK
  • Increase the effectiveness of training to meet skill needs

DTA very much welcomes the new Apprenticeship Standards, as these will continually improve quality and increase the opportunities for apprentices to meet the current and future engineering skills shortage in the UK. All apprentices at DTA will be registered for the Standards appropriate to their employer’s needs.

Continued Business Support

Our Training and Assessment Manager or one of our Trainers/Assessors will make regular company visits to keep you informed with progress reviews. These will take place on a regular basis and continue in the workplace and at DTA.

Other Information

If you would like to check the Minimum Wage on what you should pay your apprentices, please go to; You will have to pay your apprentice the minimum wage for their age if:

  • They are over 19 or over
  • Have completed the first year of their Apprenticeship.

The minimum duration of each Apprenticeship is based on the apprentice working 30 hours a week or more, including any off-the-job training they undertake.

If you have any queries, please contact Angela Major on 01653 697698 or email