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Employer FAQs

Do Derwent Training have half terms?

We do not. We deliver training in blocks of 10 weeks. Each block is followed by a summative assessment week.

The centre will be closed for two weeks at Christmas and for one week in August for staff training. The centre will be closed to learners for two weeks at Easter but trainers will continue to come to the workplace to conduct assessments and tripartite reviews. These two weeks are for maintenance at the centre.

How will Derwent Training monitor my apprentice’s progress?

Your apprentice will receive a tripartite review every 10 weeks which will involve the Trainer, you and your apprentice meeting together. Your apprentice will receive an allocated Trainer at the start of the apprenticeship who will be your point of contact.

What is expected of me as an employer?

The Apprenticeship Standards now require employers to have more involvement in their apprentices training programme. 

You must have a role within your business in which an apprentice can become competent. All apprentices must be provided with a mentor who can support them throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship. 

An employer must be able to provide the appropriate on-the-job training that is relevant to the apprentices job role. All apprentices will be required to pass an End-Point Assessment (EPA) in order to gain certification. It is the employers discretion as to when their apprentice is ready for their EPA, but this must be within 3 months of their completion date. 

You must allow your apprentice to attend Derwent Training one day per week to complete their off-the-job training, as well as allowing them to attend any extra sessions to achieve Functional Skills Maths and English if required. 

Your apprentice must be provided with a contract of employment and they should be paid holiday and sick pay as per your terms and conditions. Your apprentice must be paid the Government Minimum Wage but levels above this wage are to your discretion. Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice wage if they are either:

  • Under 19
  • Ages 19 or over and in the first year of their Apprenticeship.