Message from the Chairman

Most people who look at a business make the mistake of not seeing the business at all. If it's a manufacturing company, what they see is a building, machinery, offices and computers. They do not see the wood from the trees, the true essence of the business...the people. 

I think DTA is viewed by many in the same way. People see a training facility with classrooms, computers and workshops. It's a place where apprentices go to get trained and people get their first aid certificates. Of course, DTA is  these things and provides these things but I ask you to stop for a moment and consider, who does these things, how do they do it and why?

DTA is a registered charity founded by local employers for local employers. It is not a government institution, and has no secret means of support other than the fees that they government pay for providing apprenticeship training, which were reduced by 12.5% in 2011 and haven't increased since, a percentage of employer contribution and the money the organisation earns for commercial courses. 

The trainers at DTA are not teachers, they have practical, real worls experience and work hard to tailor their delivery to suit every individual apprentice's needs. To them, it is a vocation, not a job. This is what sets us apart, not a glitzy building or a room full of shiny Macs. 

The seventeen people who work at DTA live in turbulent times caused by government policy and forces beyond their control, but yet they consistently deliver remarkable achievements. Exceeding national success rates by every measure, supporting apprentices to achieve Regional and National Awards, introducing the Higher Apprenticeship with HND and now adapting our delivery from Framework to Standards. One sentence, but hundreds of hours of heartache and effort. 

As for governance, the Trustees and Directors are still drawn from the employers that DTA serves and they give freely their time, knowledge and experience, of which I am proud to be Chairman and our Patron, Lord Derwent, is no exception. 

DTA is unique in North Yorkshire and a gem to be cherished. 

Richard Shaw, DTA Chairman

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