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Learner Handbook

When you start with Derwent Training, you will be given a USB stick which includes all of the key policies related to your Apprenticeship, including the Learner Handbook. This document is a source of information, advice and guidance as well as a contract between Derwent Training and you. Please read this carefully.

You can find the Learner Handbook here


Please call the centre on 01653 697698 if you are unable to attend on your normal attendance day due to sickness, holiday or having to stay at work. It is useful if you could notify us of any pre-booked holidays. It is your responsibility to inform your employer that you will not be attending your training day.

Off-the-job training

As an apprentice, a minimum of 20% of your time must be spent completing off-the-job training. Your attendance at Derwent Training will cover some of this and must be treated like a day at work. This can also be met by different elements at work such as:

  • Tool-box talks
  • Time writing assignments at work
  • Manufacturer’s training
  • Shadowing and Mentoring
  • Team meetings.

Your training day

You will need to attend Derwent Training at least one day per week during your Apprenticeship. The training day starts at 9:00am and lessons finish at 16:00pm. We expect all learners to be here on time, ready to start lessons for 9:00am. No learners will be allowed to leave early to catch public transport.

As an apprentice you have the responsibility to:

  • Manage your own personal learning
  • Be available for agreed contact time with your Trainer
  • Attend your training day
  • Meet deadlines for handing in your work
  • Contact your Trainer and inform them of any changes in personal circumstances.

Acceptable use of Internet and Computer Network Services

You can find a copy of our IT Policy here

Any learner who breaches this policy will be subject to the Behaviour Management Policy. Any illegal activity will be reported to the relevant authority.