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Learner Handbook

When you start with Derwent Training Association, you will be made aware of all the key policies related to your Apprenticeship which are available on our website, including the Learner Handbook. This document is a source of information, advice and guidance as well as a contract between you and Derwent Training. Please ensure you read this carefully. 

You can find a copy of the Learner Handbook here


Please call the training centre on 01653 697698 if you are unable to attend on your normal attendance day due to sickness, holidays or if you are required to stay at work. It is useful if you could notify us of any pre-booked holidays. It is your responsibility to inform your employer that you will not be attending on your training day.  Texting another member of your staff is not an acceptable way of informing us that you are unable to attend your training day. 

Off-the-job training

As an apprentice, a minimum of 20% of your timr must be spent completing off-the-job training. Your attendance to Derwent Training will cover some of this, and must be treated like a day at work. Any shortfalls can be covered by different elements in the workplace such as:

  • Tool-box talks
  • Time writing assignments at work
  • Manufacturer's training
  • Shadowing and mentoring
  • Team meetings. 

Your Assessor will discuss your off-the-job training requirements at your progress review. 

Your training day

The general model of our apprenticeship training delivery requires you attend our training centre in Malton at least one day per week during your apprenticeship. The training day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 16.00pm. You will have a lunch break and access to water and basic refreshment facilities. Please bring your lunch with you as we have no canteen facilities on site. There is a snack-van that offers hot and cold sandwiches next door to the training centre, or we are a short car journey into the centre of Malton where shops are available. 

As an apprentice you have the responsibility to:

  • Manage your own personal learning
  • Be available for agreed contact time with your Trainer
  • Attend your training day
  • Meet deadlines for handing in your work
  • Contact your Trainer and inform them of any changes in personal circumstances.

Acceptable use of Internet and Computer Network Services

You can find a copy of our IT Policy here

Any learner who breaches this policy will be subject to the Behaviour Management Policy. Any illegal activity will be reported to the relevant authority.

Monitoring your Progress

During your apprenticeship your progress will be reviewed on a regular basis. These tripartite reviews will be signed by you, your trainer and your employer. These reviews form an important part of your development and will set you targets to complete. If gives you and your employer the opportunity to comment on your progress. Both your and your employer will receive copies of your reviews. If you have any concerns about your progress, make sure to discuss this with your trainer. 

Equal Opportunities

Derwent Training is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all who learn and work with us regardless of factors such as race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical, mental, sensory or learning disabilities. 

The success of our learners and the performance of our staff are very important to us and our aim is to ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity to succeed. We respect and value positively all differences. We will strive vigorously to remove conditions which place people at a disadvantage and will actively combat bigotry and discrimination. 

During your induction you will be made aware of Derwent Training's Equality and Diversity policy. 

Learner code of conduct

Learners must:

  • Familiarise themselves and comply fully with Derwent Training's study requirements for attendance, punctuality, and academic performance
  • Follow the instructions of any member of staff
  • Comply with all security measures including not providing door codes to persons not connected with Derwent Training
  • Respect all other learners and members of staff and behave at all times in a polite and tolerant manner
  • Behave honestly at all times
  • Comply with all Derwent Training policies
  • Take care to use Derwent Training property properly and only for its intended purposes
  • Use the training centre and its facilities in place of learning for the course on which they are registered and not for any other purpose
  • In all circumstances maintain a harmonious and secular environment that is free from intimidation or discrimination on the grounds of race, religious belief, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation
  • Maintain a clean, tidy and smoke free environment at the training centre. 



Unfortunately, as we only provide Apprenticeships we do not offer transport for learners to get to and from the training centre and this is your responsibility. The training centre is accessible via the train and bus route from York and Scarborough and you are expected to arrive on time to start your training day at 9.00am. Your training day should be treated like a day at work, as you are being paid by your employer, and your time-keeping and attendance should reflect this.

There is a car park at the training centre but we cannot guarantee a space will always be available. Please consider the following points when using our car park:

  • If the car park is full you will need to park on the roads on the estate. Do not block other businesses entrances or use their car parks
  • Do not park in the staff spaces that are adjacent to the building
  • Do not block the exit to the car park
  • Do not park in the disabled space unless you have a valid permit
  • The speed limit in the car park is 5mph
  • When driving or leaving a space, please be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Do not over rev your engine, or play your music loudly when in your car
  • Derwent Training will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle or valuables left on site
  • Do not throw rubbish out of your car into the car park. 

Wheels to Work is a moped hire scheme. It is for people who have difficulty in commuting to work, training or education due to lack of viable public or private transport. 

The scheme is available to those who:

  • live or work in the Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby or York district
  • are aged 16 or over
  • hold a full or provisional driving licence
  • require transport to travel to employment, training, education or voluntary work
  • live within a practical distance for a moped (normally a maximum of 12 miled per journey)
  • have no viable alternative form of transport available
  • hold a valid Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate, or pass a CBT test 
  • hold a current bank account. 

Candidates will be interviewed to assess their needs and ascertain whether they can be assisted. The loan of moped is subject to availability. A weekly rent of £33.00 will be paid in advance by standing order. 

A bond of £250 is required, which will be returned if the moped is handed back undamaged at the end of the loan period. 

Applicants without a full motorcycle driving licence must hold a valid Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate. If a test is required, Wheels 2 Work can arrange a one-day CBY course conducted by a Driving Standards Agency assessor in Scarborough, Malton or York. 

If you do not currently have enough money to meet the requirements then Wheels 2 Work may be able to help arrange financing, so please enquire. 

Although the prime purpose of the loan of the moped is to access employment, training, or education, clients may use it for reasonable social purposes. Regular checks are made by prior agreement to ensure that the moped is safe and roadworthy.

01653 699059 //