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Engineering and Manufacturing is a huge industry in the UK with £456 million being contributed to the economy each year. Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same without Engineers – they wire our mobile phones, provide us with electricity and create things like prosthetic limbs. They help to reinvent our future.

Due to a skills shortage of Engineers in the UK – by 2020 we will have need to have trained 2 million skilled Engineers to fulfil demand in the industry. To meet this demand, the Government are investing heavily in Apprenticeships to tackle the shortage.

Modern day engineers solve problems, ensure that things are working efficiently and effectively as well as manufacturing and designing products.

There are some fantastic engineering companies right on our doorstep in North Yorkshire who have fabricated metal for The Shard in London and creating kit for the Ministry of Defence. Engineering isn’t all about making products with metal there are companies that make the plastic car parts for Jaguar Landrover and the widgets that come inside a Guinness can.

Click the links below to find out some examples of engineering companies in your area.

Rosti Automotive (Pickering and Stamford Bridge) –

James Fisher Nuclear (Malton) –

Kingspan (Sherburn) –

ISF (York) –

Firmac –

AB Graphic (Bridlington and Driffield) –

Ellis Patents –